Mobile Performance Testing – Different outlook

Duration : 1 day

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach how to do mobile performance testing rightly. The objective of this course is to bring in the differences & additional factors to be considered for mobile application performance testing. This course will include mobile device client side performance analysis & network impact analysis in detail.


Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Performance Testing Consultants & Performance Test Managers.


Should have practical experience in web application performance testing

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Mobile Performance Test Strategy
  • Additional Factors involved & its importance
  • Overview of Performance Testing & Performance Diagnosis Tools
  • Workload Model development for multi-channel application
  • How to perform device performance analysis (GPU overrun , memory leak analysis, resource monitoring, battery drain analysis, profiling, etc)
  • How to perform Network performance impact analysis (using WAN emulation tools)
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