Performance Testing & Engineering Services

QAEliteSouls Offers comprehensive suite of advisory services

Very focused efforts to assure System Performance, Capacity, Availability & Scalability (PCAS) requires strategic & proactive engineering activities beyond conducting performance tests. Our skilled team can provide Performance Testing & Engineering services to validate, diagnose & certify your digital product performance. With our knowledge & experience in solving performance problems, our team can provide right guidance & support to meet your digital product’s Performance SLAs. We will ensure End user experience is not affected by bad performance.

Performance Assurance Strategy Development

Develop performance engineering strategy for complex enterprise application

Performance NFR Management

Proactive management of Performance NFRs – Strategies for Definition, Validation & Measurement

Performance Health Audit

Validate performance test strategy & results for gap analysis & recommendations

Continuous Integrated Performance Testing Adoption

Strategize adoption of CI performance testing methodologies

QAEliteSouls Offers comprehensive suite of performance assessment services

Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark system performance & scalability characteristics & identify system break point

Production Performance Failure Analysis

Deep dive problem diagnosis to identify the root cause for production performance failures

Production Monitoring

Server monitoring & ongoing performance analysis for anomaly detection using APM tools

Performance & Scalability Assessment

Detailed assessment to validate & tune the system to meet the performance SLAs

Capacity Sizing

Assess or model server capacity usage levels to project capacity demands to meet business projections

Key client problem statements we have resolved

Problem Statement 1 - Performance Testing To Engineering Transformation

From Client (Performance Testing Service Provider) : We have been conducting performance testing services for last 5 years to many of our prestigious clients. Due to constant demand, we are interested in transforming our Performance Testing team to perform Performance Engineering activities. We are not interested in classroom training / workshops to enable this transition, but we require a long term support to coach our tam. Is it possible to support us for strategic & successful transformation?

Problem Statement 2 – Strategic Support During Performance Testing

From Client (E-Commerce Client) : We have internal team for conducting performance tests. We need on-demand technical support for addressing some of our challenges like mapping test results from low end Performance Test environment to high capacity Production environment , building realistic workload model using traffic statistics,  developing performance test strategy for complex business critical application, choosing the right testing or APM tool, etc. Is it possible to provide on-demand support for resolving these challenges?

Problem Statement 3 - Application Capacity Planning & Sizing Analysis

From Client (Insurance Client) : We have about 12 business critical applications hosted in our private data center. Our Performance Testing team monitor & report server resource utilization metrics along with response time metrics during performance tests & our Infrastructure team talk about alerts & thresholds not understanding much about application workloads, hence there is always a disconnect & disagreements. Need support for conducting application capacity sizing exercise for 2 business critical applications through performance benchmarking. We need your support in standardizing the process for application capacity sizing to get server sizing recommendations based on performance testing results.

Problem Statement 4 – Application Not Meeting Scalability / High-Availability SLAs

From Client (Finance Client) : Looking for advisory support to setup the process standards for doing continuous Performance Testing & Engineering in CI/CD agile environment for our finance product that is under development as it has stringent scalability & high availability requirements?

Problem Statement 5 - Setting Up Performance Testing COE

From Client (Testing Service Provider) : Our corporate is looking for setting up Performance Testing COE to add performance testing services to our portfolio. Is it possible to provide thought leadership ideas for setting up new team with required skills quickly along with frameworks & process standards  as we need to start providing performance test services to our functional testing client immediately.

Problem Statement 6 - Performance COE Team Maturity Assessment

From Client (Finance client) : We have been handling web & mobile application performance testing & analysis services for all our 20+ applications. We want unbiased third party assessment on our Performance COE (Process, People & Tools) to understand our strengths & weakness . We need a detailed gap analysis report along with quantitative ratings for various factors evaluated along with improvement recommendations.

Problem Statement 7 - No NFRs, We Are Always Reactive

From Client (Automobile Product Company) : Some of our business critical applications, don’t have proper Performance NFRs & we have been always reactive in setting up NFRs & validating them. Looking for support to bring in a systematic proactive NFR management & Performance Test strategy for applications in both iterative /agile environments? Also looking for advisory consulting support for bringing early performance testing activities throughout SDLC phases.

Problem Statement 8 - Performance Modeling & Prediction

From Client (Banking & Financial Services domain) : We are interested to know whether any predictions can be made on the application performance metrics like server throughput / response time / # of JVMs required, etc for our business critical application that is under POC phase. What type of techniques will you be using for modelling / predicting the server performance do you recommend & what will be accuracy level expected? Do you have experience in performance prediction / forecasting ?

Problem Statement 9 - Mobile Application Performance Testing Challenges

From Client (Healthcare service provider) : We have recently launched additional set of mobile applications (browser based & native apps) to our existing list of web applications. Our customers have reported many critical problems including application crash & hence we need a comprehensive performance testing & engineering analysis to validate & identify the performance bottlenecks in the mobile apps. Is it possible to guide us in for mobile application performance testing?

Problem Statement 10 – Production Performance Management & Anomaly Detection

From Client (E-Commerce client) : We need support in post-production performance management for addressing two of our key problems , 1) Quick detection of production performance failures & problem diagnosis 2) Automated solutions for detecting anomalies in production based on server monitoring data. Is it possible to provide support in setting up APM team with sophisticated commercial /open source tools along with custom tool development for additional intelligence for detecting anomalies based  on top of APM reported data.

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