NFR Validation, User traffic Analysis & Workload Modelling

Duration : 2 days

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach the how to do perform NFR validation & user traffic analysis rightly. The objective of this course is to start from basics & cover the user traffic analysis, NFR validation techniques, workload model development – qualitative & quantitative study, statistical distributions, applications of operational laws to validate the correctness of workload model, etc with practical usage of tools.


Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Performance Testing Consultants & Performance Test Managers.


Should have practical experience in performance testing.

Course Outline

  • Importance of NFRs
  • How to set, validate & manage NFRs throughout SDLC phases
  • User traffic analysis using tool – Practical study
  • NFR Validation techniques
  • Introduction to Operational Laws
  • Practical study on workload modeling
  • How to use operational laws to validate workload model
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