Performance Test Analysis & Troubleshooting Essentials

Duration : 2 days

Course Overview

Performance Testing is a specialized Non-Functional Testing which is required to certify the software system for Performance, Scalability, Capacity & Availability.

This program is designed for Performance Testers, who are already familiar with Performance Testing to get introduced to Performance Engineering fundamentals including performance test result analysis & troubleshooting techniques.

This workshop aims to teach Performance Engineering fundamentals, Queuing Theory basics, performance test result analysis & evaluation techniques and prevalent performance bottlenecks in various tiers of web system along with the best practices on Performance NFR management, Performance test strategy development, performance test environment setup and performance test reporting.

At the end of this course, performance testers will be aware of strategies to validate the performance NFRs provided by business, to recommend & design right type of performance tests, to effectively analyze & report the test observations, to identify performance bottleneck symptoms and performance failures during performance tests and to carryout performance lifecycle activities in strategic way.

You will receive the templates & checklists – Performance testing tool evaluation checklist, performance test plan, Performance test script review checklist, Performance test environment readiness checklist & Performance Test Report, which you can use in your projects.

Would strongly recommend taking our workshop on “Performance Testing Essentials”, if you don’t have beginner level knowledge on Performance Testing & HP LoadRunner tool in order to meet the prerequisites of this course.


Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Performance Testing Consultants & Performance Test Managers.


This training is for Performance Testers who has basic knowledge about Performance Testing who want to learn more about performance test result analysis & troubleshooting performance bottlenecks during performance testing.

Participants are expected to have practical exposure in carrying out performance testing.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Performance Testing Fundamentals

  • What are Performance NFRs?
  • Performance Testing Terminologies
  • Need for running realistic & accurate Performance Tests
  • Performance Test Metrics
  • Performance Test Methodology
  • Need for 360 degree performance analysis
  • Performance Monitoring Basics
  • What are Performance Bottlenecks?

Module 2 : Performance Engineering Fundamentals

  • Performance Testing versus Performance Engineering
  • Performance Engineering Activities during SDLC phases
  • Interpreting Resource utilizations rightly (CPU, Memory, Disk & Network)
  • Interpreting Resource Bottleneck Symptoms (CPU, Memory, Disk & Network)
  • Practical Case Studies – Discussion

Module 3 : Introduction to Queuing Theory Principles

  • What is a Queuing Network (QN) System?
  • Deep Dive on QN System – Case Study illustration
  • What are Operational Laws?
  • Quick look at the applications of Operations laws in Performance Testing
  • Practical Case Studies – Discussion

Module 4 : Performance Evaluation & Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Introduction to system performance evaluation & troubleshooting
  • First Level of Analysis Techniques – Explanation with examples
  • Second Level of Analysis Techniques – Explanation with examples
  • Deep Dive Analysis Techniques – Explanation with examples
  • Practical Case Studies – Discussion

Module 5 : Performance Test Best Practices

  • Best Practices on Performance Test Strategy
  • Best Practices on Workload Modelling
  • Best Practices on Performance Test Environment setup
  • Best Practices on Test Reporting

Module 6 : Prevalent Performance Bottlenecks in Web/Mobile application

  • Introduction to n tier web system architecture
  • Client side performance issues
  • Network & Load Balancer Performance issues
  • Web tier Performance issues
  • Application tier Performance issues
  • DB tier Performance issues

Module 7 : Assessment & Exercises

  • Post-Training Quiz
  • Practical Exercises
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